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What is airbrushing style of makeup?

You’ve probably seen the late night commercials for makeup airbrushing machines and airbrush makeup. The look is supposed to be “HD” or high definition, but does it really work as easy as they say? But what’s it all about, does it really work well? How much do airbrushing machines cost? There are many things to consider when considering using and buying airbrush makeup kids and makeup.


Airbrushes — Makeup airbrushes have been around for a long time and are used in the modeling industry where they wanted to design a way to put the makeup on skin without having to rub it and pull at it. Plus, some models would pass on germs to other models due to reuse of the makeup brushes. They wanted to cover imperfections without a caked looking appearance, and something that avoided contamination. So, someone came up with the airbrushing technique which was used for applying spray tans for a long time.

Liquid Foundations — You need to use one designed for the airbrush machine. It needs to be liquid, non clogging, and light weight. Each type of kit has its own makeup that they want you to use or they cannot guarantee their airbrush machine. So, the type of airbrush makeup you buy largely depends on what machine you choose.

The Airbrushed look — Looks light, can be a no makeup look, to an all out glamorous look. You can really do anything with airbrush make up. It looks light and airy, and it is, but it also covers fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and skin imperfections with ease. While it takes practice to use the system correctly, most people learn with no problem and are glad that they did.

Cost of Makeup Airbrush Machines — Airbrush machines that are good cost at least in the 200 dollar to 500 dollar range. It depends on what kind you want and whether you’re buying typical makeup coverage or you want to use it for makeup and tanning. This can include a starter trial of the makeup and /or tanning solution too.

Types of Makeup Airbrush Machines — There are different types you can buy. Dinair Airbrush makeup kits, Luminess Air Platinum Kit, Temptu Airbrush Makeup System, Kett Jett Kit, and Stream Cosmetics offer airbrush makeup and kits. You can read reviews to figure out which one you want. Sometimes you can order samples of the makeup first to make sure you will like it and that you’re not allergic to it.

Benefits of airbrushing — You avoid pulling at your skin and you avoid transferring bacteria from one area to another, smelly bacteria filled makeup sponges are eliminated, and you use less makeup too!

Believe it or not you can use your airbrush machine to apply blush, eye shadow, lipstick, and more. The makeup airbrush machine is not just for foundations, it’s also for an all over complete make up look from natural to all out glam.
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