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Cold, Warm or Hot Feet

I wrote this article back in 2008 after my son’s marriage failed. Had nothing to do with him but it was all her. So these tips or suggestions came to mind.


“Over my 25+ years in the wedding industry I have had a few brides and or grooms get cold feet. Not too many, but I remember them all because it’s just so heart-breaking in almost all cases. And on the other hand, sometimes it’s a blessing.”

Reprinted with permission by author Kim Synder   cold feet2

With the high cost of weddings today, and the even higher cost of divorce, sometimes not thinking marriage through all the way is the worst thing you can do. It can be heart breaking if the bride or groom gets cold feet and calls off the wedding, but is doing so such a bad thing? Everyone needs a ‘before you get married’ list to make sure you are truly ready for the life of holy matrimony.

Questions to ask Yourself:
1. Am I in love with the idea of marriage, or am I in love with the (wo)man? Am I…

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