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Natural Facial Cleansers – Hawaiian Seaweed Cleansing Milk

As always I really enjoy working with Reviva Labs. Sometimes when they have a new product come out they send it to me try out and maybe do a review.
Today I’m going to do a review for the my favorite facial cleanser!

Reviva Labs Cleansing Milk
Facial cleansers, some are good, others bad ( I will explain why) others are great and a few are freaking amazing! This cleaner is one of those!
What cleanser am I talking about? It’s Hawaiian Seaweed Cleansing Milk one of the brand new cleansers now available by Reviva Labs.
What they say about it:
Hawaiian Seaweed Cleansing Milk is a mineral-rich, milky seaweed cleanser that helps to eliminate toxins as it cleanses. Hawaiian Seaweed’s valuable minerals help energize skin as the milky cleanser easily lifts out dirt, makeup and environmental debris. Hawaiian Seaweed’s magnesium helps soften skin too. With an exact amount of proper viscosity vegetable oil, this formula is an effective day/night facial cleanser for any skin type.
Cleans deep into pores. Paraben free. No animal testing. No animal ingredients. Made in the USA.

When you pick your cleanser how do you do it? Great question huh? I will am working on another blog post about different types of cleansers 😉 Because there are a few different types.
What is a cleanser? Basically a cleanser is for removing anything you have on face, deep clean and setup your skin for the next step which is toner or serums depending on what you use.
What do I feel is a good facial cleanser?
To me a really good cleanser does not dry out your skin, leaving it all tight. The idea is to clean your face not strip it dry of its natural oils. Cleansers come mostly as a cream or milk or as a gel. Yes those with acne can use this cleanser. And if you are washing your face till it feels tight as a means to control your acne breakouts? STOP! You can make it worse by doing so. 😦
Hawaiian Seaweed Facial Cleansing Milk
See what I mean? Hawaiian Seaweed Cleansing Milk is great for all skin types because its really rich and creamy!
Now fall is coming and winter not too far behind, to me that means my all ready dry skin is just going to get worse. The last thing I want is to have my face feel so tight it hurts. Yes I use moisturizers but the starting point is still after using a cleanser. If the cleanser I used left my skin feeling super tight cause the natural oils are striped off my face, any moisturizer and serums have to do more. So I have to apply more.
Anti-aging skincare regime starts as early as your twenties. You might not think that, but it really does ladies! Check out this blog post about what smoking does to your skin, and good idea to quit now while you can. Saving your skin so that you look younger longer can be as simple as using the right cleanser.